Thursday, June 16, 2011

“I cannot afford to reduce my carbon footprint any further, and taxing me more only impacts my quality of life”

Earlier this week I did a blog post entitled “The Myth of saving BC’s environment with a carbon tax”.  The carbon tax always stirs up comment, and given how it impacts people in a way they are unable to compensate for, I am not surprised.  One person said …

Alan, I took a "shot" at Ms. Clark on this issue a few days back but you have covered it so much better than my feeble effort.

One important item that you did not include was:  What with all of the volcanoes we have around the world spewing co2 into the atmosphere man's efforts to reduce this emission is akin to "pissing into the wind".

The carbon tax will  never have any effect on the reduction of co2's until man can find a way to "cap" the volcanoes, and good luck with that.

I'm all for reducing my "foot print" as much as possible and I feel I do my share re: bottles to the recycler, separating my reusable garbage, etc.  Two years ago I laid out some "heavy coin" and purchased a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid.  I now get 44 miles/gallon highway and better yet around town.

But, there is a limit to what I can do re: co2's, and burdening me with more taxes is not going to help. 
The sooner we can elect Mr. Cummins Premier the better.

I actually deliberately stayed out of the discussion around the ‘science’ of greening, global warming, etc.  There are many people on both sides of the argument that are positive they are right.   

So where do I stand??  

 Well my position is that it cannot hurt us to be more environmentally friendly and in fact we should be.  However, I am appalled at some of the things we have been forced to do and the money we have been forced to spend ... in the name of being environmentally friendly ... that actually do nothing, or make things worse.

Here’s another comment that I received:

Sceptics who wonder why we're hampering our economy and spending millions of dollars enforcing a carbon tax, should read ""The Deniers" by Lawrence Solomon.

In “The Deniers ", Solomon ( a respected environmental activist and director of Energy Probe)  profiles “world renowned scientists who stood up against global warming hysteria, political persecution and fraud. "  Many lost positions and research grants.  They were vilified by the global warming 'scientific'' crowd.

The National Review Online says "If a person could read only book this year on climate change, this is the one."  … I agree.

''Global warming” isn’t science; it’s a religion, and a means of controlling large populations. 

BC Conservatives should carefully study the facts then act in the best interests of our Province and people.

And finally, there’s the comment of someone who has indeed tried to do their part to make and leave this world a better place.  Here’s what they had to say:

Taxing fuels to reduce carbon emissions is like taxing milk as a means of birth control.

I use geothermal energy. I use CFL lights, I car pool to work and we use no form of combustion to augment or heat any part of our home. We also grow or raise much of what we eat. My geothermal system cost me 1000% more than an electric furnace and will take years to so much as break-even.

I am a paramedic by profession, so it means we work 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and because we are gluttonous overpaid deadbeat public employees, I have not had a raise in 8 years, and it will be years before I see another.

Public transportation does not exist for me.  A new high efficiency vehicle?  I can't afford to fuel the one I have, let alone drop 30 grand on a new one, or spend the 4 digits it takes to fix them.

Instead of taxing the sh*t out of me, how about offering no-interest financing to buy new vehicles?  How about substantial deductions for that have or use high-efficiency homes, vehicles etc.

Remember too, electricity in BC is Hydro-electrically produced.  Can't get much greener than that.

The economic reality for me is I cannot afford to reduce my carbon footprint any further, and taxing me more only impacts my quality of life and my ability to pay for what I have.

Many ‘rationale’ people have a lot to say on this topic --- and they should.  I would encourage you to be part of the discussion in whatever written, online, and on-air forums are available to you.

I’m Alan Forseth in Kamloops, and today these are the thoughts of some folks other than me.
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