Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chris Delaney just can’t give up on his fight with the BC Conservatives

Stephen Hui is the Web and Technology editor at the Georgia Straight.  Earlier today he posted an article, “Why vote for the B.C. Conservatives in Chilliwack-Hope by-election?”, from Chilliwack Hope BC Conservative Party by-election candidate John Martin, which I made note of on my Facebook page. 

Chris Delaney (L) and political commentator Bill Tieleman (R)
Many of you are aware of Chris Delaney, former leader of the BC Conservative Party.  He is however likely better known as co-leader (along with former Social Credit Premier Bill Vander Zalm) of the Fight HST movement to kill the HST in BC.

Chris quit the party on September 28th, 2010 saying in part;
I am announcing my resignation today from the BC Conservative Party effective immediately.  The Fight HST campaign has brought out the best in people, but also the worst. While I have spent this past year working to get rid of the HST, the BC Conservative Party has spent its time trying to find ways to keep it.

For reasons I could never understand, and despite the BC Conservative Party having a clear position against the HST, he left as leader.  He then went on to become a member, and spokesperson, of BC First (he has since left the province and moved to Florida to work for EA Sports Tiburon - EA's studio in Orlando).

Sorry for any meandering, however I wanted to be clear Chris Delaney was opposed to the HST, and left the BC Conservative Party because he believed they were changing their position on it.   

This was NOT true.

In fact – he still believes the party has somehow cozied up to the idea that the HST is a good idea – despite the fact that time and time again the BC Conservatives have released statements, and made comments to the media, to the contrary.

Chris Delaney just can’t give up on his fight with the BC Conservatives, and I don’t understand why, as the following exchange he and I had earlier on Facebook shows:

Chris Delaney:
If he really thinks we pay too high taxes then why is he offering a piddling reduction in the gas tax of 2 cents a litre? That adds up to about $1.60 per tankful, or $75 per year for the average family. Why not promise to get rid of the HST like the people voted for and get them a reduction of $1200 per family per year? I am getting sick and tired of politicians who talk around issues and won't listen to the people. We already voted to reduce our taxes substantially by getting rid of the HST. You say that nobody has the nerve to tell Clark that she's failing - but what about your candidates having the never to tell Cummins that he voted on the wrong side of the people on the HST and he needs to admit he was wrong and start standing up for the people to get rid of the HST. Or is he just another Liberal in a blue suit like people say?

Al Forseth:
(Christy) Clark has already said the HST will be eliminated by next Spring. BC Conservatives have already clearly stated we will abide by the wishes of voters in BC -- their wishes were to get rid of the tax. If we form the next government, and the BC Liberal government hasn't already removed it, then we will.

Chris Delaney:
Where is that written or stated in a policy? Sorry, but I have trouble believing it at face value since Cummins didn't seem to care what the voters thought when he voted for the tax in parliament and then again during the referendum. Why should anyone believe he's with the people now when he wasn't then? And if he isn't willing to press the government to get rid of it sooner and stop fleecing the taxpayers when there is no logical reason to keep taxing them on it anymore, then why would anyone believe he'll fight for us after an election? Sorry Al, it doesn't pass the smell test.

Al Forseth
Whether you wish to accept that is up to you Chris. The fact is the BC Conservative Party has said on several occasion that this is our policy.

Chris Delaney:
That's it?? So am I to take it that you don't believe them either?

Al Forseth:
Good grief -- what is it that you need... a contract written and signed in blood. It's a commitment of the party, and you can either accept that's so, or not, it's up to you

Why he continues to spread FALSE stories about the HST baffles me … and just in case anyone is wondering ... here are the words of John Cummins spoken in March 2011:

"In British Columbia, the HST is nothing more than a tax grab" … calling it "fundamentally unfair".  He went on to say that "Because as it is introduced now...it simply is an effort to balance the books," he said, "We think that's unhelpful to grow the economy in this province."

In May 2011, the Delta Optimist had a story which in part stated:
The former longtime Delta MP … is showing he's not going to mince words when it comes to the contentious HST.

Commenting on a report released last week, It's Your Decision, which found the HST implemented last July is costing families about $350 a year more in sales tax, Cummins said this year families and consumers will pay $1.3 billion more in HST than under the old PST/GST system.

"The tax was supposed to be revenue neutral with higher consumer taxes offset by savings for business and lower prices. However, this report shows that businesses are only saving $730 million. The HST has been a huge windfall to the government - they are taking in $600 million more than they were before."

AND … in a taped interview with Integrity BC he said point blank, “We have to respect the results of the referendum” … the biggest issue right now is the failure of the government to quickly move away from the HST…”

BC Conservatives want the HST gone, and the sooner the better.  This debacle has gone on for long enough.

I’m Alan Forseth in Kamloops, with the thoughts of one conservative.
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