Friday, September 21, 2012

JOHN MARTIN: "a vote for the BC Conservatives is vote to send Christy Clark’s Liberal government a message that people are tired of failed Liberal policies"

Am I disappointed in the news of John Martin leaving for the BC Liberals – YES – and its not likely the BC Liberals are going to turn away anyone that wants to become a member

BUT … for the BC Liberals to welcome former BC Conservative candidate John Martin, to be their candidate (after what he had to say during last Mays by-election) only causes one to take a fresh look at everything he said was wrong about the Liberals --- and leader Christy Clark.

Here are just a few samples of the word he spoke then:

… a vote for the BC Conservatives is vote to send  Christy Clark’s Liberal government a message that people are tired of failed Liberal policies.

… the best way to hold Christy Clark and the BC Liberal government accountable is by voting for John Martin and the BC Conservatives. I look forward to your support

… it was an honour to be invited to testify before the Senate in support of crime legislation – legislation still bitterly opposed by the BC Liberals and the & NDP

… with this new law the federal government has demonstrated it is willing to do their part to protect law abiding citizens from violent and repeat offenders … sadly, British Columbia’s government appears to have little interest in doing likewise

… the Christy Clark Liberals are trying to use the education system for their own political gain, at expense of parents, teachers & students

… I can’t think of a more crass decision (by Christy Clark) in the name of electioneering in light of this upcoming by-election.

… accused criminals had drug charges dropped due to court delays – they were thrown out because of the BC Liberal governments negligence of the justice system

… I am the only candidate that took a solid stand against a BC Liberal garbage incinerator that will pollute our air

… carbon tax, garbage incinerator, Liberal ‘catch & release’ justice system, on these issues the BC Liberals and the NDP on same page

… under the BC Liberals the ALR has become a plaything for developers and well-connected special interests

The decision by John Martin to join the BC Liberals --- the decision by the BC Liberals to welcome him to be their candidate next May – only speaks to the crass political opportunism of both John Martin – and Christy Clark.

I’m Alan Forseth in Kamloops … with the thoughts of one conservative.
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