Friday, October 26, 2012

I finally saw a political party that understood common sense trumps band-aid solutions every time

I have been VERY busy these past couple of weeks with work ... and with duties as a Regional Director for the BC Conservative Party .. which has meant only a few recent posts here.

Today is kind of a smorgasbord of thoughts , comments, and ideas ... but I think they all seem to come together in a positive way ...

Here is a comment that I must post anonymously:
... wanted to know when I decided to join the BCCP and what the reason was ... I told him it was after I'd met John at a luncheon ...and because he has a far clearer vision than Premier Clark, for the province, and a clear idea of what he'd do if he was in power ... and I still feel that way.

Today in a news story former Liberal MLA Bill Belsey stated that the BC Liberals are poised to "deal a devastating blow to the New Democrats."

Meantime BC Conservative Party leader John Cummins was quoted saying: “It is understandable that Christy Clark and the other Liberals want to put the best possible ‘spin’ on events as they gather for convention this weekend."

And then there's a story in today’s Kamloops Daily News which began with the following:
The exodus of high-ranking Liberals has done nothing to diminish the party's morale heading into the next provincial election, the candidate for Kamloops - South Thompson said Thursday.

Instead, the resignations of Kevin Falcon, George Abbott and others is a way to breathe new life into the party at a crucial political time, said Todd Stone (BC Liberal candidate for Kamloops South).

Stone ... pointed out that high-ranking cabinet ministers like Carole Taylor stepped down prior to the 2009 election
. "It's a natural thing that happens in politics in all parties ... these retirements have paved the way for new people like myself to step up and throw ourselves into the mix."

I looked at that and thought to myself:
... despite what Doug Stone says, there's been a HUGE number of high profile BC Liberal MLA's and Cabinet members that are stepping down -- nothing like past which had far fewer people retiring.

I also I recall Social Credit holding a big renewal convention in Kamloops - it made NO difference and slide downhill to the end continued ... Hmmmmm

The above was also a comment which I posted online to the story, and which then led GenghisKam to ask: Hey there alfman. When are you going to start your own "renewal"? Just asking.

To which I responded by saying:
Rather than waiting until near death throes, we look to growth and development ideas on an ongoing basis. That is one of the very reasons I became politically active again as I finally saw a political party willing to listen to the grassroots -- and that understood common sense trumps band-aid solutions every time.

And that is the very reason why I did become a member of the BC Conservative Party ... and it is the reason I continue to be a member that is actively involved.

The BC Liberal Party, at least until recently, showed no sign or interest in real grassroots input. I also feel fairly certain that once this weekend of 'renewal' is over, they will be back to business as usual ...

... a party run from the top down.

I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops with the thoughts of one conservative. Now ... what's on your mind?
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