Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It means a lot to me to see this initiative being taken -- and it shows me that our members know what is important

I'm glad to see the thoughts of Kamloops area BC Conservative Party members is being refocused back where it belongs -- raising the profile of party -- and raising campaign funds.

I've just returned from a coffee meeting this morning with a member looking to see how we can go about making contact with some of the small business people in the area, and if we can form a group to begin doing that work.

It means a lot to me to see this initiative being taken -- and it shows me that our members know what is important to the party -- getting our message of common sense government out to each and every person in BC!

So what is that message? 

Well anyone can read "What We Stand For" in the basic Guiding Principles of the BC Conservative party.

The party is also saying that it plans to; “… focus on the major issues facing citizens today and into the future.”

The party has also acknowledged what we all know to be true and that, simply put, “… the greatest asset is our people.”

If the greatest asset of our province, is its' people, then what can government do to allow that asset (a useful or valuable quality, person, or thing; an advantage or resource) to grow and achieve its' maximum potential 

Here is what I am personally wondering:
  1. What services does government provide that most impact you (health, education, social services, environment, etc)?
  2. Do you have any suggestions, from your personal involvement with those services, which might provide for better delivery, a feeling of more personal involvement, or ???
  3. What are the top 3 areas you feel should be a priority to the government of BC
  4. What areas of government do you feel need to have the focus put on for improvement to be made?
  5. What things are government, crown corporations, and agencies doing well – after all despite some of the negative things we hear, they are providing services that are needed by the people of our province?

Here’s one final thing.  If you had the opportunity to sit down and have a coffee with the premier and your MLA (this is a hypothetical situation so we are looking at this in generic terms – NOT who the premier or your MLA are) what would be the most important concern / issue would you want to bring to their attention?

You can post your comments directly here by clicking on the comment button, or feel free to send me an email message to alfman55@hotmail.com.  Your name will NOT be used in any follow up Conservative Thoughts blog post unless I have your authorization – so let ‘er rip right from the heart.

I’m Alan Forseth in Kamloops with the thoughts of one conservative … and today I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.
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