Friday, December 7, 2012

Meantime back at 'more of the same', on the other side of the same street ...

It's amazing to me, that we currently have approximately 50% of the population, considering placing their vote with the NDP. No one seems to know what the party stands for -- there really has been NO policy announced of any kind.

Well actually they stand on the side of NO resource development (so how do you get good union paying jobs created with that as your policy?) 

Oh and they want to increase the tax on business.  While that sounds good for the righteous folks that blame business for all the ills of the world, at least a few people know what the result will be.

That tax increase will of course get passed to each of us in higher prices we'll end up paying for the good and services we purchase.  Things like the food we buy ... the clothes our children need ... electronics ... building supplies for home renovations and building projects ... the list goes on and on.

That tax will of course also stifle job creation!

Now today comes this news storyfrom the Provinces newspaper:
"Unions across BC are in "extensive" pre-election talks WITH the NDP, and the party's labour platform is being developed WITH the BC Federation of Labour."

Reality Check.

For those who are NOT staunch NDP supporters, is this REALLY a party you want to consider casting a vote for?

Meantime back at more of the same, on the other side of the same street, comes this news:

Just recently from Finance Minister Mike de Jong comes these words: “There is virtually no room for any kind of big-time pre-election spending extravaganza”

A story in the Globe and Mail however provides this information of how realistic spending restraint, Liberal style, really is:

Jobs Minister Pat Bell didn’t get the memo ... spending $11-million this year telling people, AGAIN, that his government has a jobs strategy ...

Ben Stewart, Minister of Citizens Services ... spending $1.5-million on Family Day celebrations just a few weeks ahead of the next pro
vincial election ...

Premier Christy Clark appointed a cadre of communications people to her office ... amid a government hiring freeze it sends a discordant message about her government’s priorities ...

I was confused, and maybe you are too, with how Christy Clark and the BC Liberals define, "There is virtually no room for any kind of big-time pre-election spending extravaganza" until a friend offered this clarity to those words:

You are missing the operative words 'virtually' and 'extravaganza'. It's why Bill Clinton spent so much time defining the word 'is'. Let me see if I can fix this for you:
"There is virtually no room for any kind of big-time pre-election spending extravaganza. That's why we're only spending money on those things which will buy us votes, with a billion here and a billion there. Certainly not an extravaganza ..."

REAL change, common sense change is what the BC Conservative Party is offering ... and they are laying out their policy and platform for all to see.

The choice is becoming clearer and clearer:
  1. more of the same (BC Liberals)
  2. the other side of the same street (BC NDP)
  3. smaller government resulting in more liberty and personal property rights, the encouragement of new enterprise and individual achievement striving towards excellence and prosperity (BC Conservative Party)
I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops ... with the thoughts of one conservative ... the floor is now open to you.
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