Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Finally, Christy Clark has said something that I can agree with! It is possible to ... "predict future behaviour based on your previous record.”

Given Premier Christy Clark's comments, I predict
rising taxes and fees ... and ever increasing debt
The following comments are from an opinion piece, in the Victoria Times Colonist, which was written by Les Leyne; "Leaders differ on balancing the budget"

NDP Leader Adrian Dix said ... there’s no way it will be balanced. Premier Christy Clark said it most certainly will ...

Even while continuing the advertising blitz, the government announced it is currently a half-billion dollars off its budget

Clark said ...We are going to make sure we are the lowest tax jurisdiction in the country for personal income taxes ... that is the most important way government keeps life affordable for people.”

Although the running tally for the current year’s deficit is higher than expected, the plan is to erase it in a new budget next February.

Now ... here's another comment that our BC Liberal Premier Christy Clark made, and now probably wishes she hadn't, back in December of last year.  QUOTE: “It’s possible to predict future behaviour based on your previous record.”

Okay Christy ..., let's do a little research to see if in fact that comment, which YOU made, is indeed correct.

BC Ministry of Finance (Summary of Provincial Debt Report -- page #5)
* total BC debt 2001: $33,385,000,000 ($33.385 BILLION)

BC Ministry of Finance (Fiscal and Debt Summary) 2nd Quarter Report 2012 / 13 dated November 28th, 2012
* total estimated Provincial debt (March 2013): $56,356,000,000 ($56.35 BILLION)

BC Ministry of Finance (Budget & Fiscal Plan: 2012/13 - 2014/15 - page #5) -- government document is dated February 21st, 2012
* total estimated debt by 2014/15: $66,354,000,000 ($66.35 BILLION)

Will you look at that! 
Christy Clark has finally said something that I can agree with! It is definitely possible to ... "predict future behaviour based on your previous record.” 

But what a dismal record that is for British Columbians here and now ... and those in the future who will be saddled with the results, and consequences, of that ever increasing debt.

That December 2012 article by Les Leyne, in the Victoria Times Colonist, ended with a comment from Premier Christy Clark:
They’ll talk about my record, I’m sure quite unfavourably, and that’s legitimate. We’ll do the same about them. That’s the basis on which people will make a decision.”

Before we go any further, let's be clear ... the track record of the BC NDP was nothing to write home about either.  NEITHER party (NDP or Liberals) seems to have any kind of smarts when it comes to understanding you CAN'T continue to spend more -- year after year -- than what you have coming in for revenues.

GLOBE AND MAIL (Dec 19th, 2011)
When the NDP assumed power in 1991, the B.C. provincial debt was $17-billion. When it got kicked out in 2001, it was nearly $34-billion. The NDP doubled it.

So .. the record shows that between 1991 and 2001 the BC New Democrats took our provincial debt from $17 billion to $34 billion

The record also shows that the debt the BC Liberals inherited in 2001 will have another $32 billion (by their own estimates) for the 2014/15 budget.

During her campaign, to become leader of the BC Liberal Party, here is what Christy Clark had to say;
"Do you remember that 50,000 people fled this province the last time the NDP were in power?"  ... do you remember what they did to our economy? ... do you remember when your kids couldn't find a job and they had to leave the province? ... do you remember when you couldn't find a job and you had to leave the province?"

BUT guess what Christy?  The exact same thing is happening right now with your BC Liberal Party.  Unlike Christy Clark however, who is now silent on this problem, John Cummins, leader of the BC Conservatives is talking:

"It is no coincidence that B.C. is now losing people to other provinces ... under the Liberals the average BC family now pays more taxes and makes less income than any province west of Quebec."

"The Liberals used to attack the NDP for driving people out of B.C., but now their policies are having the same result. People vote with their feet - they choose provinces with the best economic opportunities."

"They left B.C. when the NDP were running the economy into the ground, and now under Christy Clark the same thing is happening all over again."

Higher taxes  ... and higher government fees
Bigger deficits ... and even bigger debt
That is the record of the BC NDP decade of power
That is the record of the current BC Liberals administration

What else does BC Conserrtvative leader John Cummins say concerns him about this matter?
Canadians are voting with their feet ... we are seeing British Columbians abandoning their home province in search of greener pastures elsewhere ... it is not difficult to understand why British Columbia is losing ground to other provinces."

“Through the last decade under the BC Liberals, labour income has plummeted ... it’s a major reason why British Columbians want a change in their government.”

We really do need a chance of government in BC --- BUT IT IS NOT to one under Adrian Dix and the NDP!  What we need is a government of common sense practicality -- that would be one led by John Cummins and the BC Conservative Party.

I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops, with the thoughts of one conservative.
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