Thursday, January 3, 2013

We are counting down to the #1 post -- today we look back at #5 down to #2

Today I'm continuing to take a look at the Top 10 commentaries which were most read here on the Conservative Thoughts blog.  We are counting down to the #1 post -- today we look back at #5 down to #2

The 5th most read blog post comes from October 11th, and it was entitled "Someone is pulling the strings from behind –and whoever they are – they are cowards for not showing their faces"

From July 4th comes the 4th most read post; "TwiddleDee, and Twiddle Dumb. That’s what we have with the BC Liberal Party, and the BC New Democrats"

The third most read story, "What they believe, and stand for, are the things that will guide them in government",  comes from April 26th

Some in the media and public believe that the BC Conservative Party has viewpoints that would be opposed by the majority of British Columbians, and has no clearly defined plans and ideas.  Given that, I thought that I would do a side by side comparison
And our last look back today will be the 2nd most read commentary from 2012.  It comes from January 16th, and was entitled, "Hiring Ken Boessenkool is for the partisan purpose of making the BC Liberal government look good
Is the Premiers Office a non-partisan part of the government of BC --- or is it an extension of the BC Liberal Party?  I ask this question because it is becoming increasing unclear what it’s exact 'political' purpose is.

That's all for today ... tomorrow we'll find out what the most read commentary was from 2012, on the Conservative Thought blog.

I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops ... with a look back at the thoughts of one conservative.
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