Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Math teachers would have given Christy Clark, and BC Finance Minister Mike de Jong, a FAILING grade

Any of my math teachers from my school days would heartily agree math was never my strong suit. Despite that, I love math, I stuck with it, and today most would say I know my way around a calculator :)

That's why I find the BC Liberal version of a balanced budget to be interesting.  It's one I'm sure my Math teachers, in my hometown of Williams Lake, would be giving Christy Clark, and BC Finance Minister Mike de Jong, a FAILING grade on.

Christy Clark and the BC Liberals can say what ever they want about their so-called balanced budget -- but how do they explain CONTINUED excessive growth of BC's provincial debt?

The following is directly from page 35 of the "
Budget 2013 - Province of British Columbia" ... Budget and Fiscal Plan 2013/14 -- 2015/16 ... dated February 19th, 2013.  

Total provincial debt:
2012 / 13 = $56,111 Billion (revised -- again)
2013 / 14 = $62,689 Billion
2014 / 15 = $66,548 Billion
2015 / 16 = $69,428 Billion

Part of this so-called balanced budget form 2013 / 14 also involves a bit a financial slight of hand as well. It involves MOVING $150 million of spending, that should be accounted for in this years budget, over the the 2012 / 13 budget.

And don't forget as well the fire sale of taxpayer owned property and structural assets -- that amounts to another slight of hand amounting to $800+ million

And all of that before tacking on an increase to personal income taxes, and increased costs to  Families (Pay) First with a new rate increase for the Medical Services Plan.

Now I understand why I had so much trouble with math in school -- there are no absolute in rules for adding and subtraction -- you make them up as you go.

The late Premier W.A.C. Bennett said the NDP couldn't manage a peanut stand ... well in looking through the 2013/14 Budget document, it appears neither can the BC Liberals

I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops … with the thoughts of one conservative.
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