Friday, August 30, 2013

Here we go again with an alleged "no tax increase" regime, and yet all those hidden taxes keep going up and up

Why is it that government continues to allow an out of control sense of

entitlement to crown corporations giving them selves big wage increase and bonuses ... and yet expects government employees to accept zip, zip and zip. 

A story in the Vancouver Sun today reminds us that ... ICBC eliminated more than 260 jobs late last year, most of them from a management group that ballooned almost 41 per cent from 2007 to 2011, according to a government audit last August. After the audit, then-CEO Jon Schubert — who earned $486,541 in pay and bonuses in 2011 — resigned.

At the same time it is fine and well for ICBC to nail us with an increase in rates of 16.1 percent in just a year and a half. 

Can some one please tell me how much the BC Liberal government gouges out of ICBC to bury in general revenues? 

Here we go again with an alleged no tax increase regime, and yet all those hidden taxes keep going up and up. 

Remember it wasn't all that long ago that we heard we could expect an increase of 30% to BC Hydro rates was on the horizon.  Bill Tieleman, in a July 9th article in the Tyee had this to say: 

If there's any surprise, it's for BC Hydro ratepayers who will get hosed with significantly higher electricity bills of likely 30% over three years because the government and board were playing with the Crown corporation's finances like it was Monopoly money

Sadly, the residents of the lower mainland also have even more out of control government intervention in things ... for example Translink. 

Another story from earlier this spring in the Surrey North Delta Leader stated: 

"The province has exercised a dominant interest, feeling free to impose its priorities on the region and reluctant to provide a role in transit for local government institutionsit did not directly or indirectly control." 

There is now an ... unelected "professional" board consisting of corporate directors with expertise in areas like finance, real estate and engineering."

Again, only two weeks ago, the Surrey North Delta Leader had a new article out saying that: 

TransLink is again being accused of paying its managers too much after the release of financial disclosures showing higher pay for top executives and more staff receiving in excess of $100,000.  The documents show 141 TransLink employees collected six-figure  salaries in2012,  up nearly 15 per cent from the previous year

We need -- no we must demand -- better accountability from government when it comes to our hard earned dollars. 

BEFORE there is one more announced increase in taxes, fees, rates we should have a complete accounting of wages, salaries and bonuses for all crown corporations and agencies ... and we should know exactly how much money is being taken from then, and poured in to that black whole of the BC Liberal government called General revenues"

I'm Alan Forseth, in Kamloops, with the thoughts of one conservative.  I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say.
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