Monday, September 9, 2013

It is up to BC Conservatives to show we are a party worthy of support

I have to say that I am feeling MUCH MORE enthusiastic about being a BC Conservative these days.  Despite not much in the way of news in mainstream media, the rumor mills are alive with talk of upcoming announcements. 

That's why I am asking those outside, and inside the party, "Are you looking to create, and be part of, a true small 'c' conservative party with a social conscience?"

That is what I have always believed in, and hoped to see created in the BC Conservatives.  And those of us who have stuck by the party, and who are now giving us a second look, are (I hope) looking to continue to grow and develope that kind of common sense alternative. 

Dialogue.  That is what people within the BC Conservative Party need to have.  But it must be a respectful dialogue. 

No any one person, or group, is the BC Conservative Party. We have had enough inner squabbles, and I for one am more than ready to say ... "So long good riddance to the past crap" ... and look forward to building the future of the party. 

Personally I believe the party needs to grow from a support base and move out from there -- that means a solid foundation in the interior and north. I feel fairly certain some will not see eye to eye with me on that, however that's the kind of discussion and dialogue the party needs to have. 

Just to be clear, I have not yet chosen who I will be supporting for the leadership of the BC Conservatives. That's because I do not even know yet who is planning to seek the nomination, other than rumors of Dan Brooks and Rick Peterson.  I hope at least one or two others will step forward as well ... and I hope there conservative women considering the leadership as well. 

Bottom line ... I'm looking to the future and working with a 'team' to create a vehicle that the people of BC can support . That said we as BC Conservatives, again in my opinion, have to clearly differentiate ourselves from the Liberals. 

That will mean not just strong fiscal policies and a commitment to protect our social safety net ... but also prove to the people of BC (who are feeling disenfranchised and disbelieving of everything political) that we mean business when it comes to respecting voters, allowing for a healthy debate and discussion, and for MLA's to indeed represent their constituents. 

Two years ago the BC Conservatives were on a roll ... and headed to what I felt to be no less than at least being the opposition side of the BC Legislature.  Instead, WE let the party tear itself apart. 

In the past, Conservatives at the federal level were their own worst enemy ... in BC we showed we were more than capable of letting that happen here as well.  

That time must end! 

BC Conservative beliefs and principles are something that can resonate with a majority of British Columbians.  That said ... it is up to BC Conservatives to show we have a party that is worthy of support.

I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops, with the thoughts of one conservative.  The floor is now open to you.
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