Monday, September 23, 2013

Rick Peterson offering "New Voice, New Leadership, New Direction" as the theme for BC Conservative leadership bid

This morning I arrived in Vancouver for the expected announcement that Rick
(L - R)Sean Upshaw, Rick Peterson, Carol Day,
Jim Friesen, Duane Nickull, and Ian Toothill
Peterson would be letting his name stand to become the next leader of the BC Conservative Party ... and as many of you know, this followed the announcement a week and a half ago that Dan Brooks was also going to seek the position.

One of the reasons I made the trip this morning, along with former Kamloops South BC Conservative candidate Peter Sharp, was because as of today, I'm still unsure who I will support.

Right now however, I believe it is more important to get word out on who the candidates are ... their vision ... and how they would lead the membership of the party.

I did Tweet several times from this mornings announcement made by BC Conservative Party leadership hopeful Rick Peterson ... here is what I had to say (FYI ... if you are unfamiliar with Twitter shorthand, a list will follow below of what the shorthand stands for:  

RickPeterson says #BCCP will have full warchest for 2017. Path leading 2 political success leads to support all BCers &economy


#leadbcc ... bc conservative party leadership
#bcpoli ... bc politics
#bccp ... BC Conservative Party
candid8 ... candidate

The following is from the campaign website for Rick Peterson ... the beginning of the news announcement of his leadership bid:

September 23, 2013 VANCOUVER---Today Vancouver business man Rick Peterson launched his bid for the leadership of the BC Conservative Party. Surrounded by his supporters, Peterson kicked off his campaign with a speech focused on tax fairness, accountability and a clear vision for the future of the BC Conservative Party and Conservative movement in British Columbia “As a BC Conservative, I believe that a government must be guided by four key values that I know are shared by Conservatives everywhere ...

CLICK HERE ... for the  video of this mornings campaign announcement

Again ... I have not yet made any decision on who I will support.  I am however delighted to see we have dedicated people (Dan Brooks and Rick Peterson) with a vision for the future of BC Conservatives.

I wish them both well as they tour this great province we call home ... and as they both got about the work to rebuild our party, and to take on the Christy Clark led BC Liberal Party as the true champions of fiscal conservatism, creating a new vision to help each and every British Columbians achieve their dreams, protecting the most  vulnerable, to create a strong economy, and so much more.

I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops, with the thoughts of one conservative
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