Tuesday, October 8, 2013

She is the Premier of British Columbia, and as such, she leads a 'team'

I read BC Premier Christy Clark's column yesterday in the Kelowna Daily Courier (Bringing Canada To Kelowna), and one thing immediately struck me in the just the first few sentences:

"I" did this ... "My" this ... "My" that ...


In the last few weeks, all eyes have been on Kelowna. I brought cabinet to meet here, and later addressed the B.C. and Canadian Chambers of Commerce here.

My focus was on small business and skills training.

Small businesses don't always make headlines, but they're  crucial for the economy. They drive almost 55 per cent of B.C. exports and represent 98 per cent of all our business.

My government believes in freeing small business from regulatory burdens that can make it difficult to grow, and supporting them where we can. Our record on cutting red tape speaks for itself, as we were awarded the Canadian Federation of Independent Business' only A grade.

She doesn't begin to acknowledge the work of others, or that this government belongs to the 'people', until the 5th paragraph when she finally begins a sentence with, "We're ..."

We're also supporting small business is the Small Business Accord ...

BC Premier on Christy Clark
Right after that, however, BC Liberal Premier Christy Clark is right back to ...
I announced ... I also spoke ...

At least on the positive side, she concluded with:
Ultimately, we all want the same thing - more opportunities for Canadians.

This column was written from the MLA's perspective of course, but that said, she is the Premier of British Columbia, and as such, she leads a 'team'.

It could have been written to be much more inclusive, but instead it seems the focus and spotlight continues to be on her -- guess that's why I have never been able to feel comfortable with her way of doing the governments business.

One things for certain, at least in my opinion, when (not if) things start to go wrong, we know who has claimed all responsibility for the direction and policies of government.

I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops, with the thoughts of one conservative.  The floors now opinion to you; your thoughts?
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