Thursday, October 3, 2013

RICK PETERSON: "What this sector needs is clarity and decisive action from the government"

Today on the Conservative Thoughts blog, I am posting an update from BC Conservative Party leadership candidate Rick Peterson. 
To be clear, I have not yet endorsed either Dan Brooks, or Rick Peterson. I will for the moment however, continue to provide information from both campaigns as they progress.  With that out of the way, here's Rick.

I’m just winding up my third day here in the Peace River Country – which I know very well.
BC Conservative Party Leadership candidate
Rick Peterson (L) with Peace River Country
Campaign Chair, Oliver Steward
I was raised in Grande Prairie, just over the border into Alberta, and have spent a lot of time in Dawson Creek, Fort St. John and the whole area with friends, family, business partners and BC Conservatives. 
I help finance exploration companies that are active up here in the gas sector, so I know very well the challenges and opportunities in this very dynamic area of BC for businesses – large and small – and families. 

Amazing to see.

This is strong BC Conservative territory, as you know. Kurt Peats ran a strong campaign in Peace River South, and every BC Conservative I talk to says that we will absolutely take this riding in 2017. Peace River North is absolutely winnable, and given the reception I’ve received here from BC Conservatives, they are looking forward to us running a well-financed and well organized campaign under my leadership in four years’ time.

I made it a point to come here on my first visit outside the Lower Mainland after our September 23rd launch. North-eastern BC is an important region not only for our Party, but for the Province. The energy produced here will power this province and support our health care, education and other areas of our economy for decades to come.
Strong, vocal and proud support of the Resource Sector is one of the key themes of my Leadership campaign – and it will become a trademark of the BC Conservatives under my Leadership.

As you may have seen on my Twitter account @RPetersonBCCP, I met with mayors, business leaders and a strong group of BC Conservatives here over the past three days. Our membership sales and fundraising for the campaign are now ahead of plan, because of the strong support I’ve received here. We are really on a roll.

I’m attending the final few sessions of the three-day BC Energy Conference. They key message here from every single one of the companies involved in the sector is this: the LNG window of opportunity will not last forever. Global competition is fierce, nimbler and opportunistic.
What this sector needs is clarity and decisive action from the government.
Tough to see how that can happen with Christy Clark playing pipeline politics with Alberta, the Legislature closed so there will be no debate on these key issues, and private sector leaders waiting to see the BC Liberal government tax plan for this sector – long overdue.

Promise made, delivery delayed.

There is absolutely need for a New Voice, A New Direction and New Leadership in the Peace River Country. Exciting times for our campaign, and for BC Conservatives up here.
Rick Peterson,
BC Conservative Party Leadership Candidate
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