Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A sad tale of gas prices and taxes

Yesterday I had to head to Children's Hospital, down at the coast, to take my grand-daughter for an appointment.

The price of gas in the Valleyveiw area of Kamloops was $1.09 so of course I filled up. As I passed by Merritt I did not notice the price however in the Fraser Valley I noted the price was rising – and from the freeway off ramp, headed towards Oak Street, the prices ranged from $1.30 to $1.34.

To tell you the truth I really didn’t think much of it other than to say I felt sorry for people at the coast who in addition to the horrendous price we pay for fuel, also have an additional transit tax as well. I said to myself, I should have enough to get back to Kamloops, but if it looks a little tight I can always fill up in Merritt.

So ... what was the price in Merritt?? Well believe it or not it was $1.34 and so you bet all I pumped in was $5.00 to get me the rest of the way to Kamloops. And the price in Kamloops ... still just $1.09.

Couple of things here to mention ...

First of all – we know that the oil companies are LIARS. It’s in print so if you want to sue me go ahead!! They use every excuse in the book to explain the price of gas --- BUT there is NO WAY they can justify a price of $1.34 in Merritt. The people there are being screwed royally --- and so is anyone on the road that passes through and needs gas.

Okay next up ... the Transit Tax in the Vancouver region is 15 cents – which to get a fair comparison to anywhere is else would then mean that the price of fuel down there, minus the 15 cent transit tax, is $1.19 per litre.

IF Shell, Esso, Chevron and others can sell gas at $1.19 per litre in Vancouver (which includes all the other provincial / federal taxes) ... then why is it $1.34 in Merritt ... and it’s usual $1.25 to $1.35 in Kamloops

It’s because they have free license to hose us --- and they know it. One reason is because many consumers really have no idea how much taxes are. That's because it's one of governments favourite places to add a little extra as well.

One tax however, which has very much been in the news as of late, is the Carbon Tax; the tax imposed on us to help convince us to reduce our carbon footprint. It was a joke and a lie to say that was the reason for imposing it on us in the first place. This so-called revenue neutral tax, imposed by the BC Liberals, again hits families and the middle class the hardest ... and especially those outside of urban communities where transit is more readily available.

Just in case you weren’t aware of how much that carbon tax is --- it just rose on July 1st to 5.56 cents per litre of fuel ... AND it will rise again to 6.95 cents per litre on July 1st, 2012.

The total tax on gas in BC ... NOT counting the transit tax for the Vancouver region ... is 36.123 cents per litre.

Taxes upon taxes upon taxes. Government just keeps adding them on ... and we are just supposed to keep on paying. Well it is wrong!!!

There is only one way that taxpayers and consumers are going to see this tax removed ... and that is to remove the Christy Clark BC Liberal's. If not, then plan on seeing the Carbon Tax rate continue to rise.

Oh and there will be more --- like the new 2 cent Transit Tax increase being planned by Transportation Minister Blair Lekstrom, and the mayors in the greater Vancouver area, to pay for the Evergreen Line

It's not just the carbon tax though --- or fuel taxes either --- it's all taxes! The BC Liberals, and the NDP before them, seem unable to live within their means.

Taxes go up ... fees go up ... license costs go up ... and rates for crown corporations go up as well like BC Hydro, BC Ferries, and now today ICBC announced an upcoming rate hike for 2012.

The NDP for a decade raised the deficit and debt --- and since 2005 the BC Liberals have been doing the same thing.

If the people of BC want a real change, and if the people of BC want to see government that is fiscally responsible with taxpayer money, then the choice come the next provincial election will be the John Cummin's led BC Conservative team.

The BC Conservative Party is making a real statement on accountability with their Guiding Principles and the Contract with British Columbia --- I encourage you to have a read by going to http://bcconservative.ca/our-policies.

Real change can't begin with just words --- it needs to begin with action.  So far the only actions I have seen from the BC Liberals is to increase my taxes. I want accountable government --- and I want accountable MLA's --- how about you?

I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops ... and those are the thoughts of one conservative.
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