Monday, July 11, 2011

PART TWO: Liberal party is a mish- mash of those on the political left … and those on the right

Part one of this story was written back on May 4th, and in it I indicated that I felt that there really was nothing that could be called Liberal about the Liberal party.  In that blog editorial I posed the following question:

 Again I have to ask the question then … why do we need a Liberal party at all --- and what is it they stand for that people on the center right can’t find a comfortable home with the Conservatives … and those on the center left with the NDP (or a new hybrid called Liberal Democrats)?”

 I have not changed my opinion, and I still feel that believe that many who find themselves on the center right of the political spectrum are supporting the BC Liberals because a few years ago they felt they no longer had a home.  I believe the still don't -- at least not in the Liberal party.

 Again as I say, this story was written some weeks ago, however yesterday (Sunday July 10th) I had the following comment posted to my Conservative Thoughts blog:

 As a BC Liberal I feel Clark needs to put her stamp on government before rushing off to call an election this fall. A victory in the HST referendum could very well achieve that. I still don't like the prospect of a split vote on the right and, as someone who feels more comfortable in the center, I won't be voting for a BC. Conservative Party anytime soon. “

 I of course did take time this morning to post a response, and this is what I had to say:

 One of my purposes in starting this blog several months ago was that it might spur comment and discussion.

I prefer to think of the BC Conservatives as not being right, left, or center -- but rather a place where common sense rises above those kind of narrow constraints.

In the mid-90's in BC it nearly happened with Jack Weisgerber and the BC Reform Party.

 Common sense DID get a toe hold in Western Canada with the Reform Party, then grew to opposition status, and finally now as the Conservative Party, and the government of our country.  Those who called that party radical in its ideas are some of the very same people who say the same today of the BC Conservative Party -- they too will be found out to be wrong.

 The desire and wish for accountability and responsibility to voters is not a left or right wing political ideal ... it is one of common sense ... and one wished for and desired by the majority of people.

 Come next election the BC Conservative Party will be on the ballot --- and they'll have candidates be on the ballot across the province.

Give us your consideration --- ask questions -- and see if our Contract with British Columbia resonates with you (

I believe that John Cummins and BC Conservative Party are about the play a strong and important role in the political landscape of British Columbia. 

One will be to offer small ‘c’ conservative minded people with a real home that truly represents them … another will be to provide the people of BC with a reminder that government does have an obligation to be accountable and responsive to us … and third I believe the BC Conservative Party has hopefully stirred a re-awakening, in many who have given up in the political system, that change can be brought about.

Nearly 50% of BC voters have given up having any hope that participating in the political process is of any value.  If nothing else, I hope that the BC Conservative Party will greatly reduce those numbers as people again recognize the importance – and value – of their vote.

I’m Alan Forseth in Kamloops … and those are the thoughts of one conservative.
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