Saturday, July 9, 2011

BC Liberals sing a new song ... We will, we wil, tax you, tax you (with appologies to Queen)

July 8, 2011 – Vancouver – John Cummins, Leader of the BC Conservative party, challenged the Liberal government to hold real and meaningful consultations on raising the gas tax in the lower mainland by 2 cents per litre.

“Minister Lekstrom claims that the government will hold consultations of Lower Mainland residents on raising the gas tax before the government introduces the enabling legislation. But he has released no details – will these gas tax consultations be a sham?” asked Cummins.

“Christy Clark promised consultations on raising the minimum wage, but held none. Will that pattern repeat itself on the gas tax?”

“Minister Lekstrom met with the Mayor’s Council and proposed the gas tax hike as the number one option to the Mayors.

Does anyone seriously believe this is not a done deal?

Would the Mayors really have approved such a controversial measure without assurances the Liberal government will make it law?” asked Cummins.

“BC families make less and pay more in taxes than any province west of Quebec. Vancouver already has the highest gas taxes in Canada. The Liberal government keeps taking from the people and making it more expensive to drive. Enough is enough – taxes should be going down not up.”

“BC Conservatives believe that this municipal portion of the funding for the Evergreen Line should be paid for without raising taxes. Translink and municipalities should find efficiencies and savings to raise funds rather than relying on the Liberal government’s plan to gouge drivers with a new gas tax. A new BC Conservative government would be willing to explore alternative funding options including municipal bonds and other non-tax measures.”
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