Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Take a stand against … Boredom … Lack of Uniqueness … Lack of Originality … Poor Quality

Today on my way to the mailbox I happened to really notice something that normally only gets a passing glance -- it was a vehicle by Eagle called a Summit.

Now I am indeed old enough to recall that at one time Eagle was its own company.  Then as things were getting bad financially for them, they were taken over by American Motors. 

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone???

What happened to American Motors?  Well they in turn went through a decline only to be swallowed up by Dodge / Chrysler who out of the deal ended up with the Jeep brand, the last thing of value in American Motors.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

As I looked at that old Eagle Summit I was reminded that there is also no longer the Pontiac brand … or Oldsmobile … Hummer is gone … as is Saturn.  Other than Saturn, which for the life of me I am unsure why it did not continue, I think I know what happened to the others.

Boredom … lack of uniqueness … no originality … poor quality … etc, etc.  They all became too much the same!

Okay so this is a political blog … what do a few old car companies, that no one remembers anyways; have to do with anything today.

If car companies died because of … boredom, lack of uniqueness, no originality, poor quality … could the same be in line for politics.

In Canadian politics we had the near death of the Progressive Conservative Party decades ago when they became so out of touch they were trampled in the polls by the Liberals … recently the Liberals went through the same indignity because they had no focus … no clear policies … and to a great degree simply resembled a slighter more to center version of the NDP.

And in BC?? 

Well one would be hard pressed to argue that the NDP is not just a slightly to the left version of the Liberals … and given example after example of left leaning policies and government actions by Christy Clark’s BC Liberal Party, one would wonder just how great the difference is between the two.

Maybe commentators and political observers would say – not much.

They (NDP and Liberals) have become so much the same that indeed, many in BC are now able to say there is a lack of uniqueness and originality.  And given the number of MLA’s who have been forced to toe party line, regardless of constituent or personally opinion, there is also an ever increasing thought we are also suffering from ‘poor quality’.

So that brings us to the BC Conservative Party.

Will they take a stand to be different and unique … will they take a stand where one needs to be made regardless of any so-called political correctness … will they be directed and led by the, at times, overly vocal minority rather than the quit soft spoken silent majority simply trying to work hard and enjoy their families?

Right now the BC Conservative Party is in the 4th draft of a policy document.  This document has been put together by hundreds of members from across the province … and it is continuing to be put together by them as ... they have just completed another round of review, revisions, and additions.

The final draft will soon be complete, at which time members will again have the opportunity to decide the final things that will be the policy of the party in the next provincial election – which may be as soon as this Fall.

Even here in Kamloops a small group of 10 people had differences of opinion on some things … and not just moving a comma, crossing a ‘t’, or dotting an “I”.

The final outcome however was agreement on policy thoughts and ideas, which hopefully can be added to those of others.  The result will be a document that will have the best positive impact on the majority of British Columbians … and will also offer hope and care to those who need it.

The BC Conservative Party, under the leadership of former Conservative MP John Cummins, has an opportunity to be a breath of fresh air … or to simply crowd the center line where the best ideas get dumbed down (ever heard of this??  A camel is a thoroughbred designed by committee).

My hope is that they will take a stand against boredom … lack of uniqueness … no originality … and poor quality.

If the BC Conservative Party continues to bring forward the best common sense of British Columbians, then the BC Liberals and the BC NDP will be relegated to the trash heap of history where old and out-dated ideas eventually end up.

I’m Alan Forseth in Kamloops … and those are the thoughts of one conservative.
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