Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Editorials are NOT news … they are the comments, and opinions, of an individual

By now some of you have seen, or heard, about two editorials that ran in Kamloops area newspapers yesterday (09/11/12)

One was written by Mel Rothenberger in the Kamloops Daily News; "Rothenburger: Where are the Kamloops Tories?" … 

... the second by Christopher Foulds in Kamloops This Week; "FOULDS: B.C. Conservative discord gives B.C. Liberals jolt of hope".  

I have posted responses to both editorials in the online editions of the newspapers, as well as submitting Letters to the Editors.

My comments to Mel, at the Kamloops Daily News, were as follows:
I'm puzzled by your comments Mel.

As I stated to you yesterday when you called, the BC Conservative Party has been clear for quite some time now, that candidates across the province would be nominated by Constituency Associations, in the later part of the year. Just because you are NOT privy to information you wish to have (before you retire) on who will be running, is unfortunate.

That said, we are moving forward on our timetable, not yours.

To Christopher at Kamloops This Week, the comments I posted online, and sent as a Letter to the Editor were as follows:
You have said that I have, "unquestionable allegiance to the party" -- fair enough. I would say that your comments in this editorial have basically been fair, and to the point.
Some may question whether John Cummins is the right person to ...lead the party -- fair enough, and that will be decided, and put to rest, on September 22nd.

No one person, or group of persons, IS the BC Conservative Party. It's strength is in the entire membership who are the grassroots foundation and core of the party... and who have the important task of ensuring we focus on a message of accountability, fiscal responsibility, and integrity in government.

To say we are -- 'desperately hoping the AGM later this month rids the party of the discord once and for all" -- is a bit melodramatic.

There are a few members, yes who are amongst provincial board members, who have decided that now is the time to take public what should be discussed, and dealt with, within the party -- that is regrettable. They do not however represent the majority of members.

That said, I do believe the AGM will see the end of this issue / problem. We will move forward in the goals of our membership, to see a government that is fiscally accountable... and that will meet the real needs of individuals, families, the environment, and our economy in a way that is balanced and fair.

The BC Conservative Party has been getting what I believe is fair news coverage in the media in recent weeks and months, as you have likely heard and seen with the NL group of radio stations, from the TV7 / Pattison Broadcast Group, as well as from both Kamloops newspaper. 

Remember however that Editorials are NOT news -- they are the comments, and opinions, of an individual.   

They also may or may not have a slant to them, based on the perceptions and beliefs of each individual.

I’m Alan Forseth in Kamloops, with the thoughts (opinions) of on Conservative.
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