Thursday, January 10, 2013

Foster’s excuse, that he “didn’t know” about the letter, would then seem questionable would it not?

BC Liberal MLA Eric Foster; "I didn't know"

Let's look at this a little more closely:

In the news story ... "Auditor general cited chair of committee seeking to replace him - John Doyle raised concerns over $78,000 renovation of Liberal MLA’s constituency office" ... Eric Fosters says that when the issue over his Constituency Association office came up again in October, he (Foster) said he, "... re-sent the conflict commissioner’s letter to legislative staff."

Here's a rather interesting observation, that perhaps BC Liberal MLA Eric Foster would like to give us clarity on:

The timeline doesn’t make sense.  Why would he resubmit his same info again in October, if he wasn’t aware of the letter that would have been part of the AG’s recommendations?

Here's another observation, and MLA Foster is welcome to correct me if I am wrong in my thinking on this:

I would think that when attending c
ommittee meetings, the attending members would NOT see material simply dumped in their laps when they arrive.  Would it not be safe to believe that any material, to be discussed, would always be sent out beforehand.  That way, committee members would have the time to give the material they are discussing, careful and thoughtful consideration. 

They WOULD want to look it over beforehand, and come prepared ... wouldn't they??

Foster’s excuse, that he “didn’t know” about the letter, would then seem to be questionable.

Shouldn't his office have received the material beforehand?

I sure hope that in the interest of good decisions being made by our elected officials, there is indeed consideration of important information to be decided on, ahead of meetings where those decisions are being made.

All of that then, calls in to question what BC Liberal MLA Eric Foster did know ... and when.

I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops, with the thoughts, and more questions, of one conservative.
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