Friday, January 11, 2013

PLATO: “In a city of good men, people would probably vie with each other in order not to rule.”

PLATO: "In a city of good men, people would
probably vie with each other not to rule"

It's interesting to see the top search that are directing traffic to the Conservative Thoughts blog.  Four of them of course are on the latest trouble for the BC Liberals with FosterGate  and Auditor General John Doyle in the news -- and the one of direct interest to people here in Kamloops with Peter Sharp seeking BC Conservative nomination in the South Thompson riding.

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and the #1 search phrase is; eric foster constituency assistant

In the case of BC Liberal Vernon - Monashee MLA Eric Foster, his participation, and role in John Doyle not being renewed for another term in his role as Auditor General, is going to be in the news for some time.

Today, BC Conservative Party leader John Cummins had more to ask about the situation.  Here is just part of a news release from the BC Conservative Party today:

Why did renovations in 2009 to BC Liberal MLA Eric Foster's Vernon constituency office cost B.C. taxpayers almost half the assessed value of the land and building combined? John Cummins, leader of the BC Conservatives, asked today.

Cummins also questioned whether Foster knew that the building was owned by the family of a long-time BC Liberal financial donor -- and political appointee to the Agricultural Land Commission.

"We all know of Mr. Foster's recent bad judgement when he continued as chair of the special legislative committee which terminated the appointment of John Doyle as Auditor General, after Mr. Doyle had critically examined renovation expenses at Mr. Foster's constituency office," said Cummins.

A Globe and Mail story on Monday included this quote; it seems a fitting way to wrap this up today.  This story ended with:
Plato had it right: He said that the greatest punishment for being unwilling to rule is being ruled by someone worse than oneself. This is what makes people of good character step forward. “In a city of good men,” Plato mused, people would “probably vie with each other in order not to rule.”

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