Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meet Ed Fehr, BC Conservative Party candidate for Kamloops North Thompson

Kamloops North Thompson BC Conservative
Party candidate Ed Fehr
I was born in Beaver Lodge, Alberta. My family moved to a small community called Takysie near the Lakes District community of Burns Lake, BC.  At Takysie, my family bought and operated a small sawmill.

Three years later, we moved to Fraser Lake, BC, where my parents bought a 160 acre farm on which our family raised 200 head of sheep.  At an age of 12, this helped me learn the importance of being responsible, and knowing the value of hard work. 

Ed Fehr is; “A guy that’s willing to have boots on the ground, go door-to-door and talk to people and bring their issues back to Victoria."
Over the course of my life, I have worked in several industries including operational aspects mining; and  like our party leader John Cummins,  I have taken pride in being able to see the end results of hard work. 

I cut my teeth in politics with the Saskatchewan Party while living there between 1997 and 2004.  I held the role of Vice-President in Saskatoon Center, and then went on to become President of the Riding Association a year later. 

Ed Fehr sees increasing access to doctors as a major priority for the next provincial government; "We need to have more doctors, and the health-care system needs to be completely revamped.”

I returned to BC in 2007, and in March 2012, I was elected as president of the Kamloops-North Thompson Constituency Association for the BC Conservative Party.

I married my lovely wife Naomi in 1996. 

Throughout my life people like late Cyril Shelford (BC rancher and Social Credit MLA), have made a lasting impression on me, to be a voice for the people of British Columbia in the provincial legislature.
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