Thursday, May 23, 2013

There is, as I see it, only two directions we can go in this situation of ethics, accountability, and integrity.

Call me Don Quixote if you like, (others have),
but I am going to continue in my belief that

there is indeed positive change about to begin
I find it interesting to see the following from Nik Nanos (Few see positives in currentpolitical climate), after my comment, posted to Facebook yesterday, on the federal Conservative party:

There's a bit of a pox on all your houses, so to speak, from all the parties.  Canadians are seeing dysfunction in Parliament and in government from all parties when it comes to politicians focusing on positive solutions to problems affecting Canadians.

But these numbers are particularly troubling for the Conservatives. If you're the sitting government, you're looking at numbers like this and Canadians are saying, 'you know what — you're not doing much for me right now in terms with helping me in my day-to-day life'.  
So what did I post yesterday?  Well it was one short simple comment, which I was delighted to see engaged a few people in conversation, which I now share with you:
My growing disappointment in the federal conservative party is continuing ... and I know I am not alone in this
"Merv":  Yes, but what's the alternative?  
Me: I think that an alternative / shakeup will be inevitable, IF the federal party does not find its roots once again. 
My Conservative/conservator roots go a long way back. I even ran as a Conservative candidate in the 1993 Kim Campbell election debacle and was steamrollered by the Reform candidate in this riding. 
I only mention this so that you can understand my own disappointment in the performance of Duffy and Wallin but I am still a firm supporter and believer in Stephen Harper's leadership. 
Before anyone runs screaming into the darkness, think of the alternative - Canada under the domination of eastern Liberals led by a Trudeau. In British Columbia and Alberta we should always remember what Trudeau Liberalism can do to our economy. 
Duffy and Wallin should be thrown out of the senate, along with anyone else found in conflict with ethical standards. That would include the Liberal senator also facing an inquiry into his expense claims.  
Thanks for your comments Sandy --- I posed this today to see what thoughts and ideas would come from others. As I say, I am sure I am not the only one with growing concerns.
The federal Conservative Party must, in my opinion, begin to look at why it's own supporters are beginning to question if it is losing its way, and how that should be addressed. If not, then it's future may be in jeopardy
Sure, I'll dog pile here. As a former PC/C voter who is quite concerned with the current situation in Ottawa, my 2015 vote is now completely up for grabs. What was done with the parliamentary budget office is, IMO, no better than the shameful way Victoria dealt with the auditor general. And what the heck ever happened to Senate reform?
Since the merger, the leadership is increasingly not walking the talk. Time for a change, either internally or externally.
No free pass just because the ghost of Trudeau is back in charge of the Liberals.

Merv asks what the alternative is. I'm not sure, in the end, there really is one other than a complete rethinking of our political process and that's not going to happen in my lifetime.  
The reality is good people want to do good things and bravely run for election, only to get caught up in a system that subverts their good intentions on a daily, if not hourly, basis, a system where complete adherence to all decisions that are made largely without much input from all those well-meaning people, come out of the leader's office carve in stone.  
Woe on those who deviate.  
And then, a few years later, we go through it all again. I look at what Bob Rae did when he gained power in Ontario and all the socialists rejoiced, only to have him issue mandatory no-pay-increases and what we called Rae Days, obligatory days off without pay.  
I agree that the Conservatives should always be examining its directions and ethical standards and the people who want to represent the party as candidates or members. 
And so all of this leads me back to another comment, which was part of what Nik Nanos had to say:
Now Harper has to be concerned not with the average voter but with his core supporters being disappointed at what they have been seeing over the past few weeks involving the Senate expenses scandal. 

In the just concluded BC provincial election, ethics, accountability, and integrity were tops on my list of concerns.  It should then be no surprise to anyone, that they are also be top of mind in the federal realm as well. 
There is, as I see it, only two directions we can go in this situation of ethics, accountability, and integrity.  Either Canadians will continue to despair any real change can come about, and apathy will continue to grow ... or voters will stand up and demand that change be made and their voices be heard. 
Call me Don Quixote if you like, (others have), but I am going to continue in my belief that there is indeed positive change about to begin. 
I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops, with the thoughts of one conservative.  The floor is open to you if you care to share yours.
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