Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Debating the HST?? We need more than just Dix and Clark!

So Adrian Dix would like to challenge Christy Clark to debate the HST on the Bill Good show??

Given that Clark would find it difficult to give honest answers on the true cost of what a 10% HST will do to the deficit, I doubt very much she will take up the challenge.

It would be a shame however, if the debate were to go ahead, if there were not some on there to challenge the real cost to taxpayers in terms of its future impact and effect.  Adrian Dix of the NDP, along with Bill Vander Zalm  and Chris Delaney, are all of one mind that the 10% HST will actually cost more than the old GST / PST. 

There are others however who do not subscribe to that belief!

There are others like me that are opposed to a 10% HST (rather than 11% and NO bribe cheque) because it will add to the provinces annual deficit –  as well as sending the debt even higher.  A debt that even now costs us $5 million dollars a day just to service the interest costs.

IF there is to be a debate, we need to have someone there who will address that fact! 

I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops, and those are the thoughts of one conservative!
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