Thursday, June 30, 2011

There are actually at least 3 camps regarding the HST ... and the PST / GST

Many people … including those in the media … have NOT realized there are actually at least 3 camps (or schools of thought) regarding the HST ... and the PST / GST.

There are those who, no matter what, hate the government -- and the HST --- and will vote to end its existence.

There are those who go, "Whoopee … it goes down 2% and the government will be mailing me a FREE cheque to bribe me into keeping it.”

Then there were those who like me who said, “I do not like how it was initiated but I will vote to retain it.”

That was until Christy Clark tinkered with it … a “FIX” she called it.

A 1% reduction in the rate of the HST, and nothing else, could have been shown to truly be the closest to being revenue neutral.  Then Christy Clark, Kevin Falcon and the rest of the BC Liberal cabinet and caucus could have fanned out across the province and apologized for how it was initially brought in, said they'd listened, and were being responsive and accountable.

Instead they took people like me and made them look at the actual results of what a 2% reduction in the HST will do to the deficit and debt -- never mind the added cost of the bribe cheque as well.

A 12% HST was too high --- we knew it cost us more --- period.  No matter how the government twisted it, paying an additional tax on 20% of the things we purchased could NOT be shown to be revenue neutral.

So if we vote to retain the HST … at the 10% rate the government has now locked themselves into with the federal government … what will be the end result?

I know what the deficit is now ... I also know where the deficit and the debt is going based on the government’s own financial reports … and I also know the millions of dollars it costs every day just to pay the interest rate on the debt. 

With the extra hit to revenue they will take, with a 10% HST, they have set up a situation to create a future disaster for any upcoming government --- no matter who they are. 

That I cannot abide ... and that is why I have to vote to kill the HST. 

I believe there are a good number of people out there as well who have come to the same conclusion. 

Likely just enough of us to ensure the HST is defeated in the referendum … whereas we could have tipped it in favor of retaining the HST if the bribe / fix hadn’t gone in.

As I see it, we as taxpayers could not afford a 12% HST … but on the other hand the government cannot afford a 10% HST.

That only leaves me with one option or choice to make – vote to go back to the old combined PST / GST ... the closest things to what the HST at 11% could and should have been from the start. 

Not doing that means I will saddle myself, and upcoming generations, with higher fees and taxes down to road to try and clean up the mess of Christy Clarks “Fix”

This is economics plain and simple … and it has nothing to do with what I think, feel, or hear from Christy Clark and the BC Liberals – Adrian Dix and the NDP … or from Bill Vander Zalm and Chris Delaney in the Fight HST group.   

Of those people, and what they have to say, I have a different opinion.

I am voting YES to end the HST – not because of the rhetoric I have heard – but because of the facts. 

I hope you will do the same as well … but regardless, please do take part in this historic opportunity to have your say.  Don’t let you vote be wasted or thrown away by not taking part.

I’m Alan Forseth in Kamloops … and those are the independent thoughts of one conservative.
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