Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Things that BC Liberal MLA Terry Lake hopes you won't become aware of --- BC Liberals backroom manipulators remain hopeful as well

Today Kamloops North Thompson  BC Liberal MLA Terry Lake is quoted as saying; "What we do see is, as we get closer to election, is that people are understanding what the BC Conservatives are all about ... "

MY hope is that people do indeed fully understand what the BC Conservatives are all about ... what we stand for ... and what we hope to bring to the political stage in British Columbia.  They are the things that Terry Lake hopes you won't become aware of --- and BC Liberals backroom manipulators hope that remains the same.

That's because BC Conservative beliefs, principles and policies are totally opposite to how the BC Liberals have in reality governed:

BC Conservatives believe in clearly defined public policies and programs that are affordable and effective and for which delivery is accountable to all the people of British Columbia.  We are entitled to full knowledge of services rendered and their costs

BC Conservatives believe in managing the government to the highest standards of integrity and transparency

BC Conservatives believe that g
overnments at all levels are responsible to serve and respect all individuals and their families

BC Conservatives believe that Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA's) are primarily responsible to represent the interests of their Constituents

BC Conservatives believe in a rigorous system of law and order focusing on the rights of victims and the protection of the public

And BC Conservatives believe in smaller government resulting in more liberty and personal property rights, the encouragement of new enterprise and individual achievement striving towards excellence and prosperity

MEANTIME ... what would be our "understanding" of how BC Liberals do things?

With BC Liberals we have had cost over-runs on a number of projects ... the BC Liberal government has raised rates on the Medical Services Plan ... while managers and CEO's of government agencies and crown corporation have given themselves raises and bonuses, rates for ICBC, BC Ferries, and BC Hydro have all been jacked up.  WHY?
Remember that the BC government was going to will allow for naming rights to BC Place Stadium; Telus put in a bid for tens of millions of dollars and then the government rejected it.  WHY? 

Auditor General John Doyle holds the BC Liberals to account for spending waste -- then all of a sudden he is not going to have his contract renewed -- then he is -- then maybe he will be.  WHY? 

Eric Fosters spends ten's of thousand of dollars to renovate a constituency office purchased by Liberal supporters just 4 days before the 2009 election.  He already had a CA office that needed NO renovations and which was already wheelchair accessible.  And this was allowed to happened ... WHY?

The BC Liberal government's sold BC Rail (allegedly for $1 billion) and one of the provinces biggest scandals still has yet to be cleared from the minds of British Columbians.  Basi & Virk, government aides, pled guilty to breach of trust and fraud, and as a reward, the government paid their $6 million legal bill. What was hushed up in this sweetheart deal?  WHY?

Regardless of what you thought about the possible sale of the BC Liquor Distribution Branch, as Vaughn Palmer said; "The entire privatization process was fumbled from the outset. First the warehouses themselves were part of the initial sale, then they weren’t. First one minister was in charge, then another, then a third. There was no business plan, at least not one the Liberals were prepared to share with the public. And suspicions persisted that this was an inside deal, ticketed for a firm with well-documented connections to the governing party."

More from Vaughn Palmer; "Oblivious to the critics, the B.C. Liberals are continuing with a two-pronged political advertising strategy, using public money to boast of their record and private money to attack the New Democrats.  Television is carrying the latest round of ads in a $15-million public-funded campaign touting the B.C. Jobs plan and related efforts to balance the budget, hold down taxes, promote economic growth and train workers for the jobs of the future.

Not only are these partisan ads -- they are BLATANT LIES. 
While the government touts its record of financial accountability, the truth is them have overspent government revenues year after year, creating deficit NOT BALANCED budgets.  Further -- they have increased BC government debt (money each of us as taxpayers owes) year after year.  In fact by the governments own admission (Ministry of Finance records) debt has increased every single year from 2006 ($36.6 billion) to a debt now projected to be $66.3 billion for 2014 / 15.  NO ONE is holding them accountable for the LIES being told in this highly partisan government advertising being paid for by taxpayers.  WHY?

A lack of funding to the justice system has resulted in trial delays -- and in fact causes against being thrown out against accused drug dealers, those accused of dangerous assaults, and worse -- because of untimely delays in bringing the accused before judges.  WHY?

Keith Baldrey stated the following about the BC Liberals, and I quote, "When a government is actually hurting families through its policies, pretending those families actually come "first" in any fashion rings rather hollow."  This of course was with regards to the lack of services Community Living BC was providing to clients.  Despite the fact over 2,000 people were being denied service, they  awarded themselves 'Performance" bonuses.  Christy Clark then took them away, only to quietly give them back as a different form of pay.  WHY?

This was put forward as an opinion, and not in a mean-spirited way, by Victoria commentator Bernard Von Schulmann, "(the election of BC Conservatives is) ... not at all realistic within the current mood of BC politics."

I'll wrap things up today by saying that using "current mood" was a good choice.  MOOD ... a 'temporary' state of mind or feeling.

Will voters make an informed choice at the polls next May?  
If so, then there is no reason to believe that the BC Liberals should win more than a handful of seats. That also means they will give BC Conservative serious consideration as the only option; the only one with a real commitment to engage and be accountable to the electorate.  
I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops ... with the thoughts of one conservative.
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