Monday, January 21, 2013

Will BC Liberal MLA Eric Foster confirm taxpayers of BC will be sinking over a quarter of a million dollars into a building that cost the owners $189,000 to buy?

BC Liberal MLA Eric Foster seems to have no concerns as to questionable spending of taxpayer dollars to renovate a constituency office he had JUST leased.  I am not surprised -- but all British Columbian's should be --- and they should know this is okay with BC Liberal Party hacks and elected officials.

Regardless ... the people should however have answers.

Why on earth would Eric Fosters lease a building, to be used as his Vernon- Monashee Constituency Association office, when tens of thousand of dollars were going to be needed to renovate that same building?

Why were the costs for this renovation submitted to the government with no paperwork accounting for what the money was spent on?

Why would he have leased a building requiring that kind of expensive renovation when office space was available that did not require anywhere near this kind of expense?

Can or will Eric Foster (or the BC Liberal government) confirm they approved renovations of $78,000 to be made on a building that had only been purchased for $189,000 -- just 4 days before the 2009 provincial election?

Will Eric Foster and his BC Liberal government confirm that the taxpayers of BC will indeed be sinking over a quarter of a million dollars (including the much higher costs of a new 4 year lease) in to a building that cost the owners $189,000 to buy?

Will Eric Foster confirm the owners of the building are indeed BC Liberal supporters?

NO HE WILL NOT ... instead, Eric Foster dismisses legitimate questions saying; "I think [the BC Conservatives would be well served to find out who owns buildings of other MLA's around the province, on both sides of the House."

Vernon Monahsee BC Conservative candidate Scott Anderson is right on the mark then by stating:

"On this point we think Mr. Foster is right. If this kind of cronyism is widespread across both the Liberals and NDP, we'll root it out once and for all. If Mr. Foster is not the only one who practices this kind of cronyism at taxpayers' expense, then both the NDP and the BC Liberals had better look out for the BC Conservatives."

Here again we have just one more example of the lack of integrity being shown by the BC Liberal Party.

And to that, we can also add manipulation by backroom BC Liberal party hacks who have also been busily interfering in no less than three nomination meetings being held across the province (Richmond, Abbotsford, and Boundary).

This is not a party that deserve the votes of British Columbian's --- this is a party that must go!

I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops -- with the thoughts of one conservative.
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