Thursday, January 24, 2013

This government has found new, and improved ways, to take more from us

Quote from Christy Clark (main page of the BC Liberal party website):

"Since I became your Premier on March 14, 2011, I have been focused on one thing: making life better for B.C. families."

ALSO ... from the BC Liberal Party website comes this statement under the things they believe:

"Government must put families first in all decision-making. This means: making life a little more affordable for everyday families ..."

Hmmmm ... I really have to question that Christy because ...
  • The cost of premiums we pay for the Medical Services Plan ... UP
  • Hydro rates ... UP
  • ICBC rates ... UP
  • BC Ferry rates ... UP and service is DOWN
  • The Carbon Tax, which is applied to the cost of all fuel so heating, groceries, clothing, transportation costs are all ... UP
  • Government budget deficits ... UP
  • The Debt (to be paid by our children and grandchildren) -- UP and now approaching $66 BILLION

Is this Christy Clark, overwhelmed at the growing debt?
It unconscionable that this government has to pay borrowers roughly $7 million every day ... just for interest payments on that debt!

And here is something which was just pointed out on Tuesday (Jan 22 / 13) by the BC Taxpayers Federation; "The Property Transfer Tax, along with all of these other taxes, charges and fees that government has added to the cost of a home in British Columbia, is choking the average family."

Here is what Jordon Bateman, BC Taxpayers Federation Director said of the property Transfer Tax, "It’s shortsighted and ultimately damages the long term strength of the B.C. economy."

Over the past few days I have been asking where and what the BC Liberal Plan is --- and there it's been all along -- gouge every last nickel we can from the people of BC.

Don't leave it with us where we can decide where, and how, to spend the earnings from our labors; perhaps on a night out with our spouse, a new pair of skates for one of our children, a few fixer upper renovations to our home, or a simple drive in the country.

No ... instead this government has found new and improved ways to take more from us.

Again ... as BC Conservative Party leader John Cummins has said, "Government needs to spend smarter -- NOT more!"

This BC Liberal government of Christy Clark can crow all they like (in taxpayer funded partisan ads) that they have spending under control, and that they will have a balanced budget this Spring.


Their record over the past several years shows otherwise -- they couldn't even get this years budget deficit right, having to revise and increase the total deficit 3 times!

If people are indeed looking for government accountability -- and a government committed to connecting with the people of BC through common sense policies -- the choice is clear. 
On Tuesday May 14th, 2013, British Columbians need to elect, and send to the legislature in Victoria, BC Conservative Party MLA's.

I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops ... with the thoughts of one conservative.
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