Monday, June 10, 2013

I believe societies real test of supporting freedom of speech, is to ensure all have the opportunity to have their say, even those we agree with the least

Well many comments have come in regarding the blog post I did yesterday, regarding Saturday's column by Alex Tsakumis.  As I fully expected, they have come in by private message, or email, as most folks are nervous about him turning his guns on them.

Let me just point out that I very much 
support free speech, and the right of Alex to say whatever he wishes to.  He has every right to do so.

What I, and many others however, object to, is the way in which he does so.  Writing with an inflammatory style does nothing, in my opinion, to further the cause of dialogue in a meaningful way.

I might point out that the policies, beliefs, and principles, of the BC Conservative Party, very much support the right of free speech.  Our Guiding Principles clearly state:

We believe in the principle of equality for all British Columbians, with special privileges for none.
This principle includes the protection of private propertyy, the freedom of the individual, and freedom of speech, worship and lawful assembly.

I as an individual, and as a member of the BC Conservative Party, am dedicated to upholding the concept of this fundamental freedom.

I may not agree with what some people have to say, and that has been the case on many an occasion.  However ... I believe societies real test of supporting freedom of speech, is to ensure all have the opportunity to have their say, even those we agree with the least.

Dialogue leads to understanding .. and that I fully support.

I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops ... with the thoughts of one conservative.

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