Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It’s sick. It’s a sick culture ... it’s really unhealthy. I was talking about the legislature

This is one of those blog posts where I will let the words of others do the talking ... including Christy Clark.  She, and others, have already said it so well. 
CBC (June 5th / 2013):
"We say names like WAC Bennett and Bill Bennett and we think of leadership — two great leaders who shaped our province," said Clark
National Post (Apr 13 / 2013):
It’s no secret that Christy Clark’s government has a credibility problem ... Ms. Clark continues to misinform, mislead and just make up stuff
Doug Morrison of Garibaldi Highlands (Vancouver Sun June 11 / 2013):
Today’s government policies on private power are in the process of bankrupting W.A.C. Bennett’s greatest contribution to the growth of the B.C. economy, BC Hydro, the “powerhouse of British Columbia.”.  
Christy Clark has no right at all to be channeling the spirit of the great W.A.C. Bennett
Chilliwack Progress (Apr 22 / 13):
Clark said on Thursday that Strahl is an example of a retired federal politician who is "very actively helping us on this campaign and I'm really proud of the contribution (he's) making." 
Strahl confirmed that he has "no involvement" in Clark's or anyone else's campaign 
Vancouver Sun (June 11th)

...  Christy Clark’s BC Liberal government has significantly increased the maximum salaries it can pay to its top political staff ... boosts the maximum salary that can be handed to Clark’s Chief of Staff ... can now also make up to $230,000, representing a boost of almost 60 per cent from the position’s previous cap of $144,000. 

CKNW 980 on the Bill Good Show with Mike Smyth June 12th):
Finance Minister
Mike de Jong is defending surprise Liberal pay increases for political staff, even as his government preaches austerity.  
CBC News (June 7th / 2013):
Delta South Independent MLA Vicki Huntington says she is dismayed over the $25 monthly fee charged for wheelchairs or wheelchair cushions. 

Vancouver Sun (May 29th / 2013):
Clark also has to deliver affordable government services. Over the long term, that means meeting her ambitious budget targets by keeping costs under control
Vancouver Sun (June 8th):
Clark began her announcement restating her campaign promise to hold the line on costs ...  

Christy Clark speaking in the BC Legislature (Spring 2005):
“I’m honoured to speak in this chamber because I have such a profound respect for the work that this legislature does ... I have a deep, deep love of politics. I love question period. I love debate. I love the people I’ve met ...” 

National Post (Sept 12th / 2013):
“When the House rises at the end of March [she meant May], you’re never going to find me in Victoria,” Ms. Clark said. "I try never to go over there. Because it’s sick. It’s a sick culture ... it’s really unhealthy.” 
And further down in this same story Clark went on to say, "... I think he knew exactly what I was talking about when I said, I was talking about the legislature.” 
And now, Christy Clark is seeking another opportunity to become elected (after her personal defeat on election night in Vancouver-Point Grey) by the people of Westside-Kelowna. 
We'll find out the result of her quest on July 10th -- that's the date for the by-election. 
I'm Alan Forseth, in Kamloops.
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