Thursday, September 1, 2011

Does anyone know the mind of Christy Clark --- even Christy herself??

Since the BC Liberals leadership campaign, right up to recent weeks, Christy Clark has appeared to second guess, or re-assess, almost every decision and statement she has made.

The biggest ongoing assessment and decision she had to make was whether or not to call an early Fall election despite legation she helped craft and pass on having a fixed election date in BC.  Well that speculation is now over, and so perhaps the BC Liberals can get on with the business of governing.

Meantime here are just a few snippets from an email Christy Clark sent to BC Liberal members and supporters yesterday:

·         Clark indicated that they needed to … “keep our eye on the ball with the provincial economy, especially in these globally uncertain times”

·         She said they had to stick with their … “fiscally responsible approach and making sure young people have the skills they need to succeed and prosper”

·         She said that … “focusing on jobs is the most important thing we can do for BC families and we are going to be absolutely relentless.”

·         AND … she indicated that Adrian Dix would be … “relentless in his negative attacks and, if he were to win the next election, relentless in driving up government spending, raising your taxes and helping his public sector union bosses at your expense.”

Christy Clark has been premier of the province now for 6 months and yet all she has done is put forward a ‘stickman’ campaign to support the HST --- and continually poll to see if it was safe to call an early election.  And … despite her attacks on the NDP for reckless government spending, her Liberal government continues to steadily increase both the deficit and debt.

Providing good government does not mean that you attach “Families First” to every policy idea you come up with --- it’s long past getting thin and worn out. 

Providing good government does not mean having a photo op for EVERYTHING the government does – that is not newsworthy.  Most of us really do not care … just do the job you were elected to do

Providing good government does not mean forcing schools and hospitals to pay for Carbon Tax Credits -- it makes NO sense – even to your own party supporters.  Schools and hospitals are having a hard enough time with the budgets they have --- LEAVE THEM ALONE.  Beside companies and corporations  like Encana don’t really need the money they are receiving from the Pacific Carbon Trust for at the very least ‘questionable’ reductions of their carbon foot print --- nor do forest companies need to be paid from then carbon trust for simply NOT logging stands of trees.

Providing good government does not mean taking 18 months to get rid of the HST.  Request the federal government’s assistance in moving the return to the previous GST / PST.  The HST had a speedy implementation --- removing it should NOT take any longer.

And providing good government does not mean MLA’s must be puppets to your every command.  That is not democracy --- it is however tyranny and totalitarianism.  Provide the opportunity for MLA’s to truly represent and be accountable to the people who have elected them.  

Finally … in her Update on Election Timing and Defending & Creating Jobs for BC Families she said that … “we need to continue to raise money, organize and get our message out … make a donation today; sending $25, $50 or $100 today … will make a huge difference in ensuring that BC continues to have a free enterprise government in British Columbia.”

The BC Liberals are NOT a free enterprise government!  To quote the words of Maureen Bader they are simply “NDP Light”.

If you truly want a government that is fiscally responsible, yet has a social conscience, and uses the common sense of the people in helping to shape and guide policy; then the party you want to support will be the BC Conservatives under the leadership of John Cummins! 

Later this month, in Nanaimo, BC Conservatives will meet and discuss, debate, and approve policy that has been put together by members of the party from all across the province.  This policy platform contains the common sense ideas of people from all walks of life in British Columbia … and as John Cummins has said, “Common sense is not left wing or right wing” 

As I see it, there are three choices available to the people of BC … the free spending ways of the NDP who may or not be socialist depending on whether or not they leave that in their constitution … the BC Liberal party who for all intents and purposes have shown themselves to simply be NDP Light … or the BC Conservative Party that is putting forward common sense policy ideas that are fiscally conservative and yet have a social conscience.

I know which choice and option I’m choosing – how about you?  I’m Alan Forseth in Kamloops --- with the thoughts of one conservative.
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