Thursday, September 1, 2011

"2013 election no surprise to BC Conservatives"

CBC News (Sept 1, 2011): The leader of the BC Conservative Party says he's not surprised the premier has decided not to call a fall election.

After dodging questions on a possible fall election as recently as a week ago, Premier Christy Clark ruled out an early trip to the polls on Wednesday, saying there is too much economic instability in the world to call an election.

BC Conservatives Leader John Cummins says his party is picking up support from disillusioned Liberal voters.

"I think it's an upset with the way the Liberals have conducted themselves while in office," he said."It goes right back to BC Rail and the way they've mishandled that whole file. It has to do with the dishonesty surrounding the HST. This gas tax that they've proposed in the Lower Mainland to pay for the Evergreen Line, again, was a misstep by the government."

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