Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Government announces 10-lane Port Mann Bridge is now more than 50% complete --- SO WHAT!!

Earlier today on Facebook Kevin Falcon was proudly crowing that ... "The new 10-lane Port Mann Bridge is now more than 50% complete. This new bridge will cut commute times, reduce congestion and ease the move of goods across the province."

That post now seems to have been removed
after I had proposed the following upcoming announcements the government might want to make:

  • Tomorrow headline ... "Port Mann Bridge is now 50.05% complete"

  • Fridays headline ... "Port Mann Bridge is now 50.10% complete"

  • Saturdays headline ... "Government provides new porta-potties on the Port "Mann Bridge"

  • Sundays Headline ... "Government announces that the afternoon shift workers are to follow day shift workers on the Port Mann Bridge"

Bottom line is that government is to govern … and do the job they are supposed to.  Grandstanding with announcements from Christy Clark that the Port Mann Bridge is 50% complete is not newsworthy.  Just do the job we have elected you to do --- provide good governance.
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